January 6, 2009

Slow Start

After doing fairly well on my time management the last two days, I am sitting here at the computer with my pajamas on at 9:00 (a.m.). However, the kids and husband are fed--and me too--and the kitchen is clean with the dishwasher running. I slept in today not wanting to get up. I turned off the alarm and even fell back asleep after my husband woke me up with a kiss and gentle nudge. I finally woke up with a start at 7:05 and jumped out of bed. The older boys leave for school about 7:25. And had the younger two not woken up as Andy was leaving for school at 8:20 I probably would have gone back to bed. Not good I know. I am just tired. Which can be a state of mind I agree. But my excuse is the headache I have had since Sunday and last night Andy and Janessa both ended up in my room at different times. The snowplow woke up and scared Janessa, but for Andy, his night-time appearances in my bedroom are pretty common.

My husband just reminded me that I should be getting dressed and exercising or something instead of blogging. I know that. It's just that Cameron, who doesn't talk, has been crying a lot this morning and I just really needed to sit and take a moment to pull myself together. After Cameron woke up, I was holding him in the kitchen and he pointed to the chocolate milk container on the counter. I asked if he wanted chocolate milk and thought I got a positive response. But as soon as I started making it he threw himself on the floor and started crying. Where he stayed for about 10 minutes. Then another tantrum later when I got him dressed. He just has not been happy these last few mornings. Hmmm.

And by the way, I have asked my husband to help me stay on track and get up and going in the morning. That is why he cares that I am on the computer instead of in the shower. He loves Me!

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