January 15, 2009

Thank Goodness for Pasta-Roni

Basketball is in full swing at our house. Brennen is playing Junior Jazz for the first time, Dustin is playing ward Young Men's, and I was just called as the Young Women's coach. Tonight Dustin had a game, I had a game (to coach) and Brennen had practice.

I had to leave by 5:25 for the girls' game. However, as I was busy all day getting ready for my vacation, running errands, and also doing some work ("professional" Melissa) for Scott, dinner hour snuck up on me. At 4:45 I had no idea what I was making for dinner. But rummaging through my cupboards and freezer, I came up with a great meal. I had cooked chicken in the freezer, so I cooked up some Pasta-Roni--chicken flavor fettuccine--added the chicken and some broccoli to it and I had a complete meal. We drank milk and had sliced oranges and bread and butter to go with it. It beats ordering pizza! (at least on the budget)

At 7:00 Brennen had practice and Dustin had his game. So it was drop off Dustin, drop off Brennen, go back and watch Dustin, pick up Brennen. It all worked out pretty nicely. I say that because we are down to one vehicle. I hope next time works out just as nicely. We decided against fixing our car and are going to try to be a one mini-van family. Which should work out fine because Scott doesn't need to commute to work. But it will be tricky when our activites have us going different directions. Soccer in the spring will be interesting as we will have 3 kids playing!

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