January 13, 2009

Andy Andy

I am very excited about going on vacation. However, right now that excitement is buried by my anxiety and the stress of actually getting gone. Because the grandparents cannot tend until the second day, we farmed our kids out to ward members for about 24 hours. I am so greatful to those families who have agreed to take our kids.

I am not worried about most of them, except Andy. Not that I am worried about Andy's safety or anything like that. Just that he is Andy. Everyone adores Andy. He is so friendly and loving. Yet this high spirited charming child is so very difficult for me to parent. So I am worried about the family that has to parent him for 24 hours. Playdates are one thing. They don't usually involve meals and bedtime and that many bathroom trips. Overnighters are a whole different ballgame! But really, Andy is a good kid.

note: I realize I should be more worried about the sanity of my in-laws after having Andy and the rest of my children for 6 days. But I guess they already know Andy pretty well so I am not too worried. They will bounce back pretty quick! Thank you George and Kathy!

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