January 8, 2009

Florida, Here I Come

I get to go on vacation with my husband for a whole week! Eight days to be exact. We are headed to Sarasota, Florida on the 17th of January. To the beach and the sunshine! To say I am very excited is an understatement. Having time away from being a mom and getting my husband all to myself is going to be heaven!

I have to admit I am sometimes jealous of this business we have. I actually told Scott that the other day. Don't get me wrong--I love that he cares about our family enough to work hard for us to get the bills paid and not have us go bankrupt by defaulting on the loan (the very big loan) we took out to buy the business. I love that he puts forth the best effort in everything he does. I just get jealous of the focus that the business takes. And even though I know logically that I don't need to be jealous and that he loves me and shows me that everyday by working hard, emotions just aren't logical.

But I get him to myself for a whole week and he will just have to trust his sister that she is taking good care of the business! (I will allow him to call her and check in every few days...) And Thank You Thank You Alison for stepping in and helping.

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Andrea Hardman said...

Halleluja! That will be so fun. I hope you guys have an awesome time. I'm glad you have comments on here too, now. Talk to you soon.