February 19, 2009


I just got done playing basketball. Wow, am I tired!--no subs, just 5 of us. It was way fun. I did pretty good and even made about 10 or 12 points. The awkwardness of playing with a team of gals I don't know has worn off. I even know all their names now. Oh, we lost by one point.

Had the big snowstorm on Tuesday. It snowed all day and I got stuck at school when I went to pick up Andy. I wasn't the only one. I saw quite a few cars getting a helping push. The person in front of me was stuck and someone was digging her out I helped push and then I was helped next and went in her tracks.

Later that afternoon I took the initiative to actually start dinner before 5:00 and made rolls. But when I went to put them on the pan the dough just didn't feel right. It was sticky but also just had a strange texture. I made a pan of them anyway. Later I left to go get the little kids from their friends' and had Dustin put them in the oven. I got back and the rolls in the oven had not risen at all. So we had some lumps. I tasted it and found out the problem--salty. Apparently I put salt in for the sugar. I was talking on the phone when I was making the dough.

So here is my roll lesson: every ingredient has a role and affects the other ingredients. Sugar is needed to help the yeast make the dough rise. Too much salt make the dough very heavy. Without the right ingredients and the right mix of ingredients, dough does not turn out. We are like the ingredients in bread dough. We all have our own strengths and purpose, and our actions affect others. (And maybe don't talk on the phone while you are cooking something with more than 3 ingredients).

Here is a picture of our back yard on Wednesday morning. The fresh snow was beautiful.

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