February 23, 2009

Last Week's News

A brand new week! Last week I didn't do so well with getting people where they needed to be and on time, including me. Monday there was no school. We had a great day actually. I played Mario Bros. 3 with Andy and Tetris 2 with Brennen. And all of us, including Scott went to the church and played basketball. And I made my kids clean. But on Tuesday I realized that I forgot Brennen's piano lessons Monday afternoon. And at 10 minutes to 7:00 Scott reminded me that I had enrichment meeting which had started at 6:30. (tonight is tuesday?) Blame it on all the snow and the holiday. On Wednesday my older boys had late start at school so I was a late starter too. We were 10 minutes late to Cameron's speech. I barely made it on time to my Young Women's basketball game I coach on Thursday night. But I don't think I forgot anything else. And I did remember to turn the library books in that were due on Wednesday--even 1/2 hour before closing time.

Things I did for me last week: I read a book, Zoe's Gift; got out twice, enrichment night and my basketball game; took a 3 hour nap on Saturday.

My headaches are doing much better. The medicine must be working. I haven't had them as frequently, and when I do get them, they haven't lasted as long. Which means I am getting much more done. It feels good.

We decided to put Cameron on the state insurance--called HIP Utah. For a higher deductible it is only $150 per month. We thought our only option was the $300+ a month. I went to Ogden today to get a letter from the dermatologist stating his condition and prognosis to send in with the application. The only way he won't be covered by the state is if the state feels his condition should be covered by insurance. Then we have to go to battle again with the insurance companies. But I am not worrying about that now. I am just so greatful that we have been blessed with a healthy child for the past 6 months. (He has not had insurance since July 31).

Brennen scored his first basketball last week in his basketball game. That was exciting for both him and me. He got a rebound and put it in. I admit I have to take a book sometimes because I have a hard time watching his team! They don't pass the ball very often. The little point guards bring the ball down and get screens and then shoot. Tonight is his last regular game, and then a tournament.

Dustin bought himself an Xbox 360 with his newspaper money.

I cleaned out Janessa's closet on Friday and am quite proud of myself. I was going to take a picture and post it, but . . .

We sold our car, which doesn't run, for $400.

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Andrea Hardman said...

You've been busy. I need to be more busy. I'd better get started