February 19, 2009

Teenager #1

Parenting a teenager is getting harder. Dustin has been grounded from the computer this week, and he was mad at me because I made him get his hair cut. It is still long, but less shaggy.
We had to tell him no to a friend's birthday party at Bear Lake this weekend. His friend's parents are taking 7 or 8 boys to their cabin for two nights. Dustin even had Nick bring his mom over to meet and visit with us. It sounds fun. We are not worried about the supervision or the friends--it's just the whole over-nighter thing and a bunch of boys "hanging out." I feel bad for Dustin but know we made the right decision. I am glad I am not a teenager anymore.

And Dustin has a paper route and has been doing great at getting up and sticking too it. He has surprised me actually, and impressed me. However, he wants to spend $250 plus to buy an X-box. I suppose that is okay but I told him I am worried about him playing video games too much, and not wanting to do anything else. He already quit guitar and doesn't know if he wants to play soccer this spring. I don't know what to think. He makes good grades and is a good kid. The mental part of parenting is tough! But I know that I just have to do my best to teach and read and pray with my family, and follow the prophet, and then have faith that my kids will make the right choices and turn out okay.


Krystal said...

I am really not looking forward to that stage in life! I'm sure he will understand in the future - and he can't be mad forever right? Also, I loved the analogy of your floppy rolls! You are too fun :)

BTW - Think about next week...I'll be calling about VT. Hope there is a day! Sorry it's last minute, we've had the flu at our house!

Veater Family said...

Yeah for parenting! I can't wait for that... Here let me practice.. NO NO NO I think I have it down. That is one thing my parents didn't tell me much. Then I had to lean on my own testimony to make the right decision in the moment. Some times I did great and some times It was harder. And I wished my parents told me NO so I could use that as my exuse not to go! Good for you!

Andrea Hardman said...

I'm nervous about that too. Even the good kids are hard at that age.

tonya said...

You do a great job. He'll be fine. I blame the other parents--any parents who aren't me. hahahaha