February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Andy Jordan!

Andy's birthday was yesterday! Seven years old. Wow! Andy came to our front door as a tiny three-week old baby, weighing maybe 6 pounds, but probably less. He was so little and had a glow of orange hair. His red hair looks mostly brown now. He needed a family to love him and take care of him. And our family needed a baby. There are 4 significant dates in his life: his birthday, Feb 27; the day he came to our house, March 21; the day he was adopted, April 19 a year later; and the day he was sealed to us in the temple, April 21, two days after he was adopted.

Andy is a very fun and happy kid. He says the funniest things, though he really isn't trying to be funny, and keeps us laughing. He has so much energy and is a go-getter. He loves life.

He is a people person and loves everyone. He has memory of people like you wouldn't believe. He remembers faces, names, who belongs in whose family, etc. and even what pets people have! A few years ago at a Christmas party our neighbor, Brother Madeo was Santa Claus. After Andy sat on his lap, he asked me if that was the real Santa. I replied something like "it is probably Santa's helper." Andy said "It's Madeo!" Couldn't fool Andy!


Andy and his cousin Caleb

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Veater Family said...

Happy Birthday Andy!!! I have some pictures of him when he was at my house. I will e-mail them.