February 3, 2009

Keep on Swimmin'

This is how I felt yesterday morning:

A headache that won't go away.
Breakfast that needs fixing.
Piles of laundry that need folded and put away.
Kids that need attention.
A husband needing a clean house.
Dustin needs new shoes.
Cameron wants but doesn't need a Binky.
Andy didn't finish but needs his homework.
Family scripture study that needs but is not getting done.
I need a pain reliever and a pillow!

But my headache went away after lunch. I got most of the laundry folded and more washed. Some put away, but at least the piles are folded piles now and people can find their own clothes. Dustin got new shoes after school. We had a wonderful dinner of leftover turkey and potatoes and gravy from our wonderful turkey dinner of a few days ago. Scott and I went on a "date" to Brennen's basketball game while Dustin stayed home with the other kids. It turned out to be a fine day after all.
I got to sleep all night as nobody visited my bedroom last night and I was up on time this morning and we had scriptures with the boys and I even exercised.
As Scott reminded me last night, "this too shall pass". Whether on top of the world or feeling low, change is constant. Just gotta 'keep on swimming.'

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Krystal said...

What a day! I would be proud of all those accomplishments! On days I have a headache....nothing gets done! As for the sleep thing, I understand the feeling! Addyson use to sleep through the night very well...then sissy came along! Now if it isn't the baby getting up, it's Addyson! Awe...I love the reminder that this too shall pass! thanks!