February 9, 2009

Creating Valentines

I made Valentines today. Like pretty much all morning and into the afternoon. It's a wonder my kids got lunch. (I ran out of laundry soap so I couldn't do laundry, darn it.)
Creativity is not my strong point, but today I did okay. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. Janessa stuck with me for a while but then watched TV and played Polly's. I decided to put a picture of some of my creations on here. Some are already mailed. The reason I posted this is because I felt so good today. Maybe it's the winter blahs but I have been tired and sort of grumpy lately. But today I made valentines and I felt happy and even maybe energetic. Sounds weird. I just had fun cutting and pasting and creating. And then this evening I remembered that heard a talk somewhere or read a book about how to be happy or whatnot, and one of the things that was talked about was creating. Creating makes the soul feel good. Apparently I didn't heed that advice then and even forgot about it until today. But now I am a believer. So if you get my valentine then know that it made me feel good to 'create' it for you. And if you are having a rough go of it, try creating something.


Krystal said...

I love that advice!! It's true, I am always oddly positive when I create. Great Job!! They are way cute :)

tonya said...

That was President Ucthglkdfdorf (I'm a goode speler, huh?) at the women's conference we went to. It's good. I'm glad it helped. I'm sorry I've been too sucked into myself to be helpful during your headaches lately. Today I have Hayden home sick and Tate's bloody nose lasted 45 minutes so he was too freaked out to go to school, lest it happen again. Yes, fun fun fun.

Melissa said...

Thanks for that info! Now I remember his talk. I will have to look it up and read it again. Was that at the one we went to in SL?