January 21, 2010

Snow Day!

Snow Day!  A perfect day for . . .
Haircuts!  That's what I did this morning.  Except of course my oldest said no.  (But that is okay because there are more important things to battle besides longer hair).  I cut the other boys' hair and even Janessa's.  I cut Janessa's shorter than I meant to, which is fine.  Wet curly hair dries shorter than you think. 

Everyone is home today.  School was cancelled and the snow is falling and falling.  The past two days have been 2 hour snow delays, and Monday was Human Rights Day, so the kids have had lots of time off of school and they are loving it! 

Yesterday I had a lot going and I was not planning on having the kids home an extra two hours in the morning, and by the time the kids left, my anxiety level was hitting the ceiling.  (a hard morning with Andy).  It was one of those days I wished I could take a double dose of meds!  But today I was actually expecting a snow delay.  And when school was cancelled I was okay with it.  No where to go.  Just hang out with the kids and make it a fun day.  I actually have a book from the library (that is about a month overdue) called 365 Fun Activities for the Whole Family.  I will have to look at it again and find something everyone will enjoy when they are done playing outside for the day. 

Brennen already has snow piled up and a partial snowfort dug out, and it is only 10:30.  Before he did that he shoveled the neighbors walk and ours, all on his own accord.  Sometimes I wish I had his drive!