January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow.  A New Year.  Like Janessa said yesterday "Tomorrow is January??!!"  Indeed it is.  A new decade.  I suppose I should write something profound.  But I won't. 

Dustin went to his first New Year's Eve Dance.  (Last year he could have gone but he didn't go to dances until we moved here).  He went out and bought a purple dress shirt and a new black tie.  He looked nice.  Of course the reason he did that was to match his good friend Sarah's purple dress.  Her dad picked up Dustin and I never saw Sarah's dress because she didn't come inside.  I wanted to to take pictures of them and all (because I am a mom and moms just want to do that) but it was not a date and she is not  his girlfriend (even though facebook says so).  So I didn't.  I just let him leave.  And instructed him to dance with at least two other girls and to hang out with his cousins too, not just Sarah! 

The rest of us played with party poppers (poppers, not poopers) and light sticks and ate brownies and ice cream.  Then the little ones went to bed and Scott and Brennen and I played Settlers of Catan and watched the Mentalist.  If you like board games, which I do and my kids do, Settlers is a great game!  It can be long but it is fun.  Last night's game wasn't very long.  Brennen won pretty quickly.  I think I have won only once.  But I still like it.  The other game we play often is Ticket to Ride.  And Ark of the Covenant is pretty cool too, though I have only played that one once.  Besides being fun, board games are a good way for Scott and I to connect with our older boys since so much time and energy and attention is spent on the little ones.  Often we play games with them after the little ones go to bed.
Anyway, our New Year's Eve was pretty low key but enjoyable. 

And of course the little kids don't know that you are supposed to sleep in on New Year's Day so they were up at 7:00 as usual.  But they quickly went to watch TV.  I cautioned them not to fight so Andy said that they will find something they all like to watch, like Sponge Bob (is that one word or two?).

We had a fun Christmas time too.  We had a few family parties, ate lots of good food (too much) including fondue (the kind with the hot oil and steak and shrimp), and had plenty of gifts.  We also did the Twelve Days of Christmas for a family down the block--where you leave something on their door step every day for 12 days before Christmas.  (We added one thing every night so by Christmas Eve there are 12 things). The kids had fun with that, but the family figured out it was us. 

On Christmas Eve we had the kids act out the Nativity.  Dustin was the photographer and Brennen was the donkey.  Janessa was Mary (of course) and Andy was Joseph (though under protest).  Cameron was a very cute shepard.  He was holding a stuffed lamb and asked what a lamb said.  I told him "baa" but he asked again.  I gave the same answer.  He is used to not being understood.  Exasperated he said "No!  A sheep says baa!  What does a lamb say?"  It was kind of funny.  We explained that a lamb is a baby sheep.  And last night after the playing with the glow sticks in the dark, the lights were turned back on and he asked me "How do you turn them on?"  I finally figured out he wanted to turn the glow sticks on because they weren't glowing in the light. 

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