January 8, 2010

Penn State--Undefeated

Today as most of the nation is touting the Alabama football team's national championship, I want to bring your attention to the NCAA Women's Volleyball Champion--the Penn State Nitany Lions who made history winning a third straight national title on Dec 12.  They have gone undefeated the past two seasons.

Penn State came back from a 2-0 deficit to beat Texas in 5 games.  I was rooting for Texas, who made history in 1988 (while I was in high school) by becoming the first team outside of California or Hawaii to win a national title.  So I was reminiscing and pulling for Texas to upset Penn State, just as they upset an undefeated UCLA back in 88, and then stunned the defending champion Hawaii to win it all. 

It is amazing to watch these girls play.  Yes, they can hit the ball hard and put it down, but watching them dig those balls and the scrambling defense is so impressive and fun.  Of course, maybe I like the defensive part of the game because I am a setter and defensive player, not a big hitter and blocker.  Anyhow, it is fun to watch.  The men's game is a more offensive game but the women have more long rallys and keep the ball in play.  (In my opinion anyway).

My favorite team back in high school was Stanford and my favorite player was Wendy Rush (from Stanford).  In 1992 the Women's Volleyball Championship was in Albuquerque and so I was able to go to my first and only Final Four.  I had been married only month then, but I had planned to go to the tournment probably for a year or two, so I gave my hubby no choice!  Stanford won that year.  It was a lot of fun.

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