January 18, 2010

A Little Whining . . .

I love my children.  I do, but it is wintertime (yes, it is cold in Northern New Mexico) and they are out of school today (Human Rights Day).  And they had a 17 day holiday break.  And sometimes I just need a time-out from them.  Since moving here, I haven't found friends yet for the little ones to go play with.  I have had more success with my 3 year-old and a few play dates, but not my kindergartener or 2nd grader.  There are two boys in the neighborhood who are here a lot.  That is great for Andy, but not always for me.  They never play at their houses, just here.  I am not opposed to sending them home when I am tired of them, but Andy doesn't play at their houses.  He could I suppose, but he doesn't.  Kids like our house.  Which is a good thing.  We even have the neighborhood teenage boys here a lot.

I have invited a few kids over from the ward for playdates for Andy and Janessa, but we haven't been called back.  Not because of my kids or anything, just because we are still new and people don't think about it.  And the kids in the ward aren't in their school classes or even necessarily in their school.  (There are five classes of each grade in our school--next school year I will try to coordinate with other parents in the ward and try to get our kids in the same class). And of course if I call, I am not about to say "Can my kids come to your house and play?"  So when we do have playdates, they are always over here.  Janessa had a birthday party and I hoped to get things started there, but it didn't really happen.  I have to tell you though, that Andy did get invited over for a playdate a few days before Christmas.  I was very excited.  It was planned a few days in advance.  But then things got a little crazy and I was on the phone and distracted and forgot! until about 45 minutes later.  (Don't ask me how I could forget and Andy break).  And then it was too late because the family had other things going on.  We have tried to hook up with them a few other times but it hasn't happened yet.

We do have a 9 year-old girl next door who the kids play with occasionally, and once in a while over there.  So I shouldn't say I never get a break.  Just not often. 

To summarize, THANK YOU so much Tonya, Tori, Andrea, Ayako,Tiffany, Leah, Heather, Staci and Marie for giving me some Andy and Janessa breaks (especially Andy breaks!)  Can you believe our kids are getting baptized this year? or have been baptized the past few months?  I still remember when I had our group of boys, and Mayu, in nursery.  I miss you all so much!  (and not because of the playdates...)

ps.  I just realized that in about 6 weeks Andy will get to go to Cub Scouts once a week and be out of the house for an hour!  And those two boys that come over here--I have both of them going to our ward cub scouts now.  (they are older than Andy).  So I am doing a little missionary work, maybe.


tonya said...

Thank YOU, Melissa. You probably had my boys more than I had yours...:)I do miss you and your whole family. Alot. My back is not great for the state of my mental health...but we go on, don't we?

Veater Family said...

I can't believe they are turning 8 my little baby Jacob!!!