January 14, 2010

Too Smart?

I was overly ambitious the other day and made cinnamon rolls.  My three-year old didn't eat his dinner (again) and I told him he couldn't have one (I'm so mean).  He responded "Daddy said 'Yes'".  Scott had just left to play raquetball.  I am pretty sure that Cameron knew that Daddy was not home.  Already trying to work the system! 

My other son, who is very bright but sometimes just not so smart, decided he wanted to lick the frosting off of the cinnamon rolls that I was icing.  But they were still in the pan and the pan was still hot.  Hmmm.  He burned his lip on the pan.  Silly kid!  It wasn't a bad burn or anything--no blister or red spot--just enough to realize that it wasn't a good idea.


Krystal said...

I am enjoying your food storage suggestions. Keep on posting! I'll be your copycat!

P.S. Cute stories....they all learn in their own ways, don't they?!

The Berkley Giggle said...

That is funny! I sure miss seeing those cute boys doing there great acts in action.