February 2, 2010


I am not organized much at all.  In some areas, maybe slightly.  My husband is an accountant and very systematic and organized.  Me, not so much.  But sometimes I really try.  Like yesterday I wrote out a list of stuff to get done.  On the list was putting dinner in the crockpot in the morning.  You know so it would be done by dinner time?  There were other things, like ironing shirts which have been sitting on my dresser waiting to be ironed for at least a week. 
So I was doing my list, slow going but getting a few things done.  However, I had neglected to actually get dressed and ready for the day.  I got a call from the elementary school nurse about 10:00.  Janessa had fallen on ice the night before and hurt her arm.  I had been up with her in the night and had been giving her Motrin, but when she left for school she felt fine, she said.  But her arm was hurting at school.  I suppose I should get it x-rayed. So I had to hastily get me and Cameron dressed and pick her up and find a place to take our insurance that we just changed to. (I realize I should do stuff like find doctors before you actually need them...)  A little over two hours later we came out of the urgent care without a bright pink cast, thank goodness.  In fact, it was so obviously not  broken the doctor didn't even bother to x-ray it.  I am glad that I don't have much experience with broken bones, but I would like to be able to notice an obviously not broken bone.  The advice he gave:  give her Tylenol and Motrin. 

Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch because I figured that now was a good time to redeem her free personal pan from her Book It award.   But we were slow getting seated and even slower getting our order taken.  All I wanted was two itty bitty pizzas!  Come on. 

Next we stopped by the grocery store and I picked up a few things (because I had been out with these two children for three hours now, most of in a doctor's office and I just did not feel up to full-out grocery shopping with kids.  And besides I didn't have my shopping list with me.  Why would I plan ahead like that?)

We got home and then I got a call from the school nurse at the Middle School saying my child was sick and needed to come home.  My husband retrieved him and I prepared for the after school tutoring I do.

We had hot dogs and tater tots for dinner and the shirts are still seating on my dresser.  I made it to the grocery store after tutoring because it turned out to be a short session.  (and no, I didn't have my list, but I winged it). 

The moral of the story?  Maybe some Moms can be organized, but even then, they have to be flexible.  You never know what time of day that curve ball will be thrown at you.  So just expect it everyday and be prepared to be flexible.


Krystal said...

Good for you! I love your thoughts on this because I try and try and TRY to get organized with my life and it never happens! Yes, I make a list but it gets interrupted by dirty diapers, bumps on head, fights over a toy, preparing for, eating and cleaning up lunch...the list continues! I swear Adam gets frustrated when a pile of laundry is still in the basket when he gets home - Maybe I should start writing my "curve balls" on the list and crossing them off just so he can see what I DID get done! hehe

JOY said...

I was blog-hopping and came across your blog! Love this post! I love trying to be organized but being flexible is DEFINATELY a must. Thanks for the reminder! :0)