February 27, 2010

A Special Day

Andy turned 8 years old today.  He was able to be baptized on his birthday!

Andy is a very special kid.  I am proud of him and so happy to have him as part of our family.  Life is never dull with Andy around!
 His motorcycle cake that my sister helped me make
Fun at Big Bounce


tonya said...

I announce your big day out loud and I heard: "Hooray!" "Wow" and "About time"(from Mike who was kidding). Please tell Andy our whole family says congratulations! And I personally love the fist punch picture. Tell him no one has been around to sell marshmallows since he left. :)

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Andy! Congrats on your baptism!

Andrea Hardman said...

YAY! He is so cute. I miss all of you guys. I love the cake! That turned out amazing. I bet he loved it. Are those Whoppers? mmmmm...I would have loved it too.

Krystal said...

YAY! What a wonderful time for little Andy. He is such a cute kid and I just adore his busy personality! Glad it was a fun weekend for you all!

Melissa said...

About the punch picture: he liked his white suit and having no shoes and he was acting like it was a karate suit and he wouldn't pose 'reverently' for pictures. That is Andy to the T.
And the cake: Did you notice it is in a plastic tub instead of on a plate? After we made it (putting straws in to hold it together) it started tipping over. We saved it and put in it there for support. and yes, those are Whoppers. The idea is from Family Fun magazine (where else) and called for cocoa puffs, but Andy does not like cereal so I decided I better not put it on his cake.

Berkleys said...

Happy Birthday!! I Hope you have had a good day and in some way celebrated or were pampered.