February 17, 2010

Super Mom

The planets and stars must have aligned just right, because last night for about an hour I was a Super Mom.

After dinner I orchestrated the following:

Andy did his reading, half with me, half on his own.  He also unloaded the dishwasher.
Janessa did her reading with me, and cleaned her room.
Brennen practiced his piano.
Cameron and I worked on his Speech and he unloaded the silverware.

And it took place with minimal nagging and no yelling or whining.  Actual peace.  Amazing.

I did go to bed with a dirty kitchen, as I never loaded the dishwasher after it was unloaded (or had the assigned child do it).  But that worked out fine too because Scott cleaned it this morning before breakfast.

1 comment:

tonya said...

I'm jealous! Happy for you, though!