April 24, 2009

Road Trip

I took my two youngest kids and went south (NM) to visit my parents. My sister from Las Vegas is visiting too.

When I was a kid, I remember playing games in the car with my mom when we went on trips. We would tally colors of cars that passed. We would spell words from the signs along the road (like your name). We played "I'm thinking of..."--I guess 20 questions, but that's not what we called it. We played the alphabet game, the one where you go on a picnic and bring an apple, and then the next person brings and apple and a banana, etc. And I can't forget the country western music. It was on vacations and camping trips where we learned all the Charlie Pride songs. ...in a Mississippi cotton pickin' delta town, one dusty street to walk up and down...


Road trips with my kids are different. My kids watch their DVD's and I listen to my audio book. We did listen to a Disney CD together. I tried to sing some songs with them, but they didn't want to. They just want their movies and their snacks. In fact I was worried that Janessa would talk my ear off for eight hours, but she didn't. The only 'big' question she asked was "Why are there mountains?" While we were going through the mountains, we did try to see if there were any rocks in fun shapes.

Before we left I was thinking of all the things I could do with them in the car, like singing pre-school songs, reciting nursery rhymes, telling stories. But if a DVD can keep my two and five year old happy while I am driving, then I can't argue with that. Maybe on the way back I can throw in some "Wheels on the Bus."

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