April 20, 2009

Yes. No. Maybe.

One problem I have is indecisiveness. I suppose maybe I lack a bit of self-confidence. I don't know. Sometimes, though, I really don't have an opinion either way. Too easy going at times.

I don't know if the following experience fits into the "indecisive" category or not. But it seems to. On Saturday we were on our way to Andy's soccer game. They play at one of two parks--Pioneer or Lindsay. The majority of the games are at Pioneer. We had dropped Dustin off at his game and were headed to Pioneer Park. I told Scott that I thought that Andy's game was at Lindsay Park today. He didn't look at the schedule that morning, but didn't remember having a game scheduled at Lindsay. So we went to Pioneer and found out that we were at the wrong place. The game was at Lindsay.

When I asked Scott (lovingly) why he didn't believe me he said "Your exact words were 'I think the game is at Lindsay park.'" So why didn't I say I 'knew' the game was there. Why didn't I insist he drive there and make him believe me? Because I had a tiny bit of doubt that I could be wrong. Because I figured that he knew what he was talking about and I doubted myself. Yet I know I had seen the schedule. But that tiny bit of doubt was there. Why? Why do I sometimes lack the confidence to make a decision or to convince others that I do know I am right this time?

However, put me on a sports court and I am a different person. I am competitive and decisive and aggressive and sometimes even bossy. I am very assertive. Apparently, I am confident in my abilities as an athlete.

Hmm. Something for me to ponder...

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mom of boys said...

Wow. Minus that last bit about being an athlete, I could have easily written this. I've had that experience many, many times.
Sometimes I've wondered if I'm afraid to be wrong and make someone mad, so I pretend to not be sure. I've no idea. But so glad to know I'm not the only one!