April 14, 2009

Toy Box Treasures

I have not been blogging much lately. There are two reasons: 1) I have been cleaning and painting and deep cleaning and packing up my house to get it ready to sell and, 2) I suppose I have been a bit grouchy lately, because all the things I think to write about seem to be on the negative side. So I just don't write it out--I don't want everything on my blog to seem like complaining and whining, (just some of it).

Today I thought I would report on items that I found most when cleaning out closets, drawers and toy boxes as I have been decluttering. (This isn't an all inclusive list. I don't mention the garbage and candy wrappers, among other things).

If you have boys you usually have Legos (not that girls can't have legos, but...). I seem to be constantly picking up the little pieces so I wasn't surprised to find Legos in every corner and drawer and nook I cleaned out. Small blocks, bigger blocks, wheels, Lego people, body part of Lego people. I probably doubled the amount of Legos in our container when I was done.

I did find Polly Pocket accessories--those tiny shoes, purses, shirts--but not nearly as many as I thought I would. Probably because they had previously, unknowingly been vacuumed up.

I found a few dollars of change--mostly pennies but there were dimes and nickels and quarters too. Too bad my kids didn't know there was money in their closets, they might have cleaned them better.

And what surprised me the most was all the pens and pencils I found. You know when you can never find anything to write with when you need to take a phone message? They are all in your kids closets or under their beds. I found handfuls of writing utensils and crayons.

And of course there was the odd assortment of game pieces. I put those in a little basket and have yet to put them back to their original games. Maybe I just might throw the basket away and forget about it. It makes me wonder though, if we usually play games in the family room or at the table, how do the game pieces make it to bedrooms?

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Andrea Hardman said...

Yes, that sounds familiar. I actually think it's kind of fun cleaning out closets sometimes just so you can find all the fun stuff you forgot you had. My mom has a sign in her house that reads:
"Those who keep a clean house will never know the joy of finding something that was lost forever." It's kind of fun.