April 17, 2009


My two year old started preschool this week. It is actually a transition preschool to help prepare him for the school district preschool when he is 3. In other words a pre preschool. He goes twice a week for two hours at a time.

Let me explain why. He has a speech delay. A pretty severe one. I am confident that he will speak some day. However, if we can help to get him there faster or learn how to adapt until that day, I am all for it. He is a very smart little boy and comprehends everything we tell him. He just can't communicate back to us with words. So he is in a program called Up-to-3 through Utah State University to help with his speech. He and I go to speech class together once a week and have other services also. But when he is three years old, the school district takes over. So at 33 months of age the Up-to-3 program provides a transition preschool to get the kids ready.

It is hard to send my baby away for two hours to be with 'strangers'. He seems too little. Yet he seems to like it and it should help him and me with his expressive language.

My baby is potty trained, can play UNO, and is going to preschool. They grow up fast.


Krystal said...

Awe - Preschool.....I think it's harder on Mommy then the child. Sounds like a good program though. Hope you can fill your empty hours with some "Melissa" time. :)

Andrea Hardman said...

Wow! He can play Uno? Really? That's amazing.

Melissa said...

About UNO-- he can take turns and match the colors and draw cards. Doesn't match the number yet or understand "Wilds" but he plays with us and sometimes wins.

mom of boys said...

Oh I so wish I had caught my sons speech delay that soon. And you are so lucky to have a program like that. Seriously. Feel blessed because when we finally realized it wasn't okay for a 3 yr old to not talk almost at all, the best our city could do for him was a preschool class that had all sorts of "special needs" in it, not just speech. He still got speech therapy once a week, but still, he was in a class with kids who had severe developmental delays and my sons only problem was talking, not understanding.
I should have moved to Logan. It's pretty up there too.