June 8, 2010

Biggest Berkley Boys' Birthday Bashes

I am now the mom of two teenagers.  When did my babies grow up? 

Dustin turned 16.  I can't believe it was 16 years ago that I welcomed my first baby into this world.  He was the happiest baby and so quick to smile and laugh.  He loved cars and knew the types of car everyone in the neighborhood drove when he was three years old.  (He would point them out to us as we were driving on the freeway or something: "That is the car that so and so has.")  He loved playing pretend and dressing up as superheros.  I learned to let him go to the grocery store or wherever in his costumes.  If you called his name he would say "I am not Dustin, I am Batman."  He has never seemed shy and always been quick to make friends.  He is patient and loving to his siblings who are so much younger than he is.  He is a great young man. 
That is about the same smile he used on his driver's permit picture, also.

Brennen turned 13.  He came into the world with big eyes that almost startled you. Brennen has always been a doer, never content to sit back and watch others do it.  He has great drive and ambition.  He was unscrewing lids and opening doors before he was a year and a half.  And he was a climber.  He is always wondering how things work and pays attention to detail.  He has always been somewhat independent and sometimes too smart for his own good!  He is  a wonderful fun loving kid, who is sensitive to others' needs, helpful and respectful.
(notice he is lighting his own candles)

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