June 10, 2010

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?

My kids have already had some sumer adventures, and school has not even been out for three weeks.  In fact, these adventures happened last week all in a two or three day period.

1) Scott was trimming our tree and Andy got the idea to make a jungle.  We have a cement pad (we have lots of cement in our yard...) at the side of our house with a clothes line.  Put the branches atop the clothes line and viola:  
Not a bad little jungle . . .
2) Andy was found in the garage spray painting his bike with his brother's spray paint.  Purple and green if you are wondering. 

3)Research.  Cups of water and dirt and rocks and grass and bits of cheese and some crackers . . . and who knows what else. . . Research. 
(I did say no to the food coloring and they don't know where it is...ha ha ha). (we have had food coloring adventures before.  In fact there is still green food coloring in my deep freezer and garage floor.  Hey, I just realized it matches the spray paint!)

4) What do you have when you get a big bowl, a hose with water, and a big bottle (all of it) of Dawn dishwasher soap?  Lots of bubble fun in the front yard. 

No, I wasn't supervising my children.  I was watching TV, which I rarely do, and hubby wasn't home.  Who knows where the big brothers were.  I should have had a hint about something when Janessa did tell me at one point to come and see their bubble cakes, but I sort of ignored her with something like "okay, in a minute." 

4) I got out some chalk for them to use on the sidewalk.  But it was hot outside.  So naturally they decided to get wet probably by the sprinkler or the little pool.  And the chalk got wet.  And one thing led to another and they decided to have a chalk 'fight' and smear wet chalk all over each other.  Only it wasn't sidewalk chalk, it was regular colored chalkboard chalk from probably the 1970's or something before things were washable that I picked up at an estate sale.  A big box of it.  I didn't know that it wouldn't wash off of them!  I didn't know that they would go to church with their arms and necks and legs looking bruised like they had gotten a good beating!  (Good thing the boys wear long pants). Janessa was the worst because she had been wearing her swimming suit.  They had a shower on Saturday and another good scrubbing on Sunday morning but were still stained).  Unfortunately, I did not get pictures. And for the record--Dustin was babysitting.

Good thing Andy had cub scout day camp most of this week.


emily and Nate said...

Sounds busy (: How nice they can play outside, we are housebound unless swimming. 110 degrees is just TOO DARN HOT!!

The Berkley's said...

OH, you make me laugh out loud!! I sure miss all those little adventure seekers!

tonya said...

Finally got around to commenting. Love that we can still hear about their adventures. You know you'd be sad if they were boring kids!!!

Tori said...

I love reading about all your great adventures, they are hilarious.