June 9, 2010

Out of the Loop

So my son texted me on Sunday while he was on his way to Utah with his dad : "Oh i guess i forgot to tell you but me and sarah broke up yesterday."

Of course we have been discouraging this relationship because they are too young and only wanted them to be friends anyway.  So I am happy that something or someone is getting through to him about steady dating.  (The issue of the New Era, church leaders, maybe parents...) Not that he was actually going on dates with her but they were a "couple". 

Anyway, I mention it to my neighbor, who also has teenage boys, on Monday and she says "Oh.  That is old news. It has been all over facebook for days now." 

Okay, so I am out of the facebook loop because I haven't been on there for ages.  Guess I better log in now and then to keep track of the latest news about my kids...

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