May 26, 2010

What Kind of Mother Am I...

Yesterday was not a great morning getting kids out the door to school.  The kids were not very cooperative and they picked a bad day for that because Scott was working so not able to help with the morning mayhem as usual.

Anyway, Janessa put on jeans with holes in the knees.  And I let it go because at least she was finally dressed.  However, it was time to go and her hair wasn't combed.  It is hard enough on normal days to comb through her curls, but it had been windy the day before and she spent most of the day at the park on kindergarten field trip which meant her hair was a tangled mess. So I was in no mood to brush through her hair.  I raked my hands through her hair and put in a messy ponytail. 

Yet as she walked out the door I remembered that it was the day for the Kindergarten Completion assembly.

Janessa received two awards and got to go up on the stage twice--once for perfect attendance for the last quarter and an award for OUTSTANDING WRITER in her class.  Then she also got her certificate for completing kindergarten and went on stage again with her class.  All with her messy ponytail (with some hair falling out by then) and holey jeans.  But she didn't care one bit and I don't either really.  I am happy with a child who does well in school and is going to be a great writer someday.  And she is pretty cute, too!

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The Berkley's said...

That is awesome that Janessa did so well!! And, about the clothes and hair, she sounds exactly like I was as a child. I think I wore the some thing everyday and I HATED getting me hair combed. I think you were just fine with not worring about it. You are a good mom who praises their kids and makes them feel loved!!