April 30, 2010

A Week of Lost Shoes

I had a pile of sand in a bowl that I was going to take a picture of and title it "The Sand From One Shoe On Any Given School Day" and post it on the blog.  But my husband saw sand in a bowl and of course dumped it out so it wouldn't spill all over.  Not that it really matters...there is sand all over my house (of mostly wood floors) from the school playground.  So I have no picture to go with this post.  I haven't dumped any sand out of shoes today. 

Speaking of shoes, Andy lost his Sunday shoes at my sister's house.  They were found eventually but we forgot to get them before Sunday.  He wore his school shoes to church. 

On Monday morning we could not find one of his school shoes.  He had to settle with wearing old shoes he doesn't like because he can't run in them because the backs are broken down.  (Can you imagine Andy not running?  didn't think so).

Tuesday was soccer practice.  We could only find one cleat.  (Note: this is the last week of soccer and most of this spring I have been very good at keeping the socks, shin guards, cleats, shirts, for two kids in one place.  But at the end I fell down on the job).  However, we did find his other school shoe!  It was between the mattress and the footboard of Cameron's bed.  So he wore his 'skate' school shoes to soccer practice.  Later (after he was at practice) we found his other cleat in the van. 

On Wednesday morning, the shoes he had worn to soccer practice (and wears everyday to school) came up missing.  They are still missing.  He has had to wear the shoes he can't run in to school all week.


Andrea Hardman said...

Haha! That is such a true to life post! Wonderful.

The Berkley's said...

Oh, shoes. They need to make them with magnets, that when not being used go directly back to the closet. But then I could lose anything in my closets too. What do you do?

tonya said...

We have a bucket out for shin guards and socks and shoes. They never end up there. They're in the car or garage or bathroom... glad we're not the only ones :)