April 7, 2010

Memories and Healing

I wanted to post a little about our vacation to Utah.  But we have been home two weeks now so it is old news.  And I have never downloaded the pictures to the computer.  I will mention it though.  Two days after Scott was home from the hospital with his broken arm we packed the van, packed up our dad and headed to Utah for our spring break.  We enjoyed seeing family and friends and the most important thing, and the reason we went, is the kids made memories with cousins (and aunts and uncles). 

I should post about Easter and conference.  Despite fighting a cold, I had a great weekend.  My sister and my brother and his family were in town and it was fun to all be together.  Conference was enjoyable and relaxing.  We had a small Easter party at my house Saturday late afternoon and celebrated my mom's birthday on Sunday.  Again, cousins enjoyed being together and made great memories.

The last few weeks have been busy, and we have had to make a few adjustments.  Scott is healing nicely and got his heavy splint off last week.  He is now wearing a 'high tech' brace that allows his elbow a little bit of movement.  Every few weeks the brace will be adjusted to allow more and more movement until he has full range of motion again.  He is excited to see daily progress.  Though it is his elbow that broke into pieces, it effected his whole arm including his hand and finger and wrist movements, and also lifting his shoulder.  He was pretty excited that other day when he was able to lift his arm high enough to reach the light switch.  And he can turn his wrist enough now to type (as long as his arm is propped up).  And he no longer needs the sling as he can hold his arm without it.  And big progess is that he can now take a shower all by himself!  He needs us less and less...

I had to do a lot of his computer work the first week and a half or so.  But now we are pretty much back to normal--he is in the office and me back trying to keep up with housework, kids and laundry. 

He has a great attitude about it all.  I know he is discouraged a bit about the things he can't do and that it will take a while, probably through the summer, before he is back to 'normal'.  However, he doesn't show it and makes jokes and laughs at himself, which makes it easier for all of us.

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