April 7, 2010

Another Andy Story

Andy got a new wallet.  In fact he bought it from Brennen, who is making and selling duct tape wallets.  So far Bren has made about $15 I think.  (Well, he spent $25 on colored duct tape so he hasn't cleared a profit yet). 

Andy was excited to put his money in his wallet.  He got out his coins and asked his dad to change it into dollars.  Then he got his library card out of his Dad's wallet and put it in his new wallet.  Then he asked his dad "Now, how do I get credit cards?"


Leah said...

I can picture him saying this word for word! What a cute boy!

Krystal said...

That is so funny! What a cute little dude!

I must say, Brennon cracks me up too - he is a Jr. Entrepreneur! Always running little businesses and coming up with new ideas.