September 22, 2011

Construction Zone

"And this mess is so big
And so deep and so tall,
We can not pick it up!
There is no way at all!"
(Dr. Suess--The Cat in the Hat)  

We are well underway with our kitchen remodel.  And I am trying to be a good sport.  Because I know the result will be FABULOUS!

but there is so much dust! but that part--the drywall sanding--is over so I can actually get down to business and dust and clean the floors (instead of blogging about it).  I know there will be more but not so much.

and the disorganization of the stuff that came out of the kitchen.  My husband actually did a great job of pre-planinng and cleared his computers and such out of the office that is next to the kitchen, made his office downstairs, and then we put the kitchen stuff in the office.  but it is still challenging finding things, like the box of oatmeal I wanted to cook today.

And then there is the 'pile stuff' that has no counter to 'pile on', like school papers and mail, and whatever else.  so it gets piled on the table with other things that don't have a home and trying to sit down and use the table to eat at is, well, frustrating!  I just feel like screaming sometimes "AAAHHHH".  And did I mention the dust?

I realize next week it will all end and I will have brand new cupboards to put all the 'stuff' in.  but right now this mess seems so big, and so deep and so tall...

pictures coming soon...maybe next Thursday!

And thank you to my husband for all your hard work making a new kitchen a reality!

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tonya said...

Hey that's awesome! I am happy for your end result! Hang in there!