September 24, 2011

In the Band

Marching Band is not for wimps.  At least at Farmington High School.  I have two boys in the band--percussionists.  Brennen is in the drumline this year and Dustin is (drum roll please!) the Drum Major!  the leader of the band.  I am a little proud, or probably a lot.

These band kids put in tons of hours.  They go to school an hour early to practice and then have band as their 1st hour class.  That equals 2 hours of marching/playing in the morning.

There are sectionals for an hour or two after school once or twice a week.

On Tuesday nights of a home football game there is practice from 6-8.  For home football games they are at the school at 4:00 until after the game, around 10:00.

And there are several band competitions coming up.  And fundraisers like car washes.
amazingly Dustin somehow balanced band and soccer last year

Pictures from the homecoming game:

getting ready for half-time performance


Brennen chillin in the stands 

Marching off the field (hubby having fun with the camera)

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