August 31, 2011

An Expensive Summer for Andy...

Another Andy post, so soon. 

He had a rather expensive summer.  And I am not trying to complain, just sayin'.

In June we went on a family campout/vacation with Scott's side in Moab.  It is hot in Moab in June.  So we went to their new aquatic center, which is very impressive.  There is a "lazy river" thing, where the current pushes you around.  Andy got in it at just the right--or rather wrong--spot and the current pushed him into the wall.  This was the result:

A chipped front tooth
So we spent just over $200 to get it fixed in Brigham City--the second leg of our vacation. 

About a month later we were camping in Colorado when he was wading in the river and almost sliced the bottom off of his big toe.  (I took a picture but I won't post it since it is pretty gross and not everyone likes to look at stuff like that).  Ten stitches outside and a few disolveable ones on the inside.  The bill--a little more than $60 a stich.  (And yes we have insurance, but we haven't met the deductible yet, which means we have been healthy and mostly accident free this year--unlike last year).  

Though his toe healed nicely with no infection, that $200 tooth job didn't hold up very long as he chipped it off again at school today.  Hmm.  But it isn't a painful thing because it is below the nerve, just cosmetic.  I mean I guess it bothers him a little bit when he bites stuff off.  I got him another dentist appointment in a week so we will see what our options are then.

We have one more camping trip Labor Day weekend and then a quick trip to Utah again for a family photo.  Maybe we should keep Andy in bubble wrap, as my neighbor suggested, just in case...

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