August 29, 2011

A New School Year

Last year I had kids in 4 diffferent schools, counting Cameron's preschool.  This year, I am down to 2--high school and elementary.  My youngest is in kindergarten and my oldest is a senior.  In some ways it seems a long time coming (having all my kids in school) and in others it has gone by fast.

It was harder than I thought it would be to send Cameron to school.  I was more emotional than I anticipated. I was ready for him to go.  After all I have been a stay at home mom with kids at home for 17 years now.  And he was ready both socially and academically (he is reading).  Yet I still had nagging doubts because he is barely 5 and he still has speech issues, and he is small in size.   But I have to admit it was hardest because of his birthmark.  And he doesn't even care.  But it is like now I am sending him out into the cruel world by himself, where as before he was with me in the 'world' and only at preschool with small people his age, not big kids.  I worry more about the few weeks after the laser treatments than just the everyday.  And I keep thinking we should just stop them for a while, but when will it be easier for him than in kindergarten?

And my first baby a senior in high school.  Hard to believe that the little boy who loved dressing up and playing pretend, and was such a Pokemon fan, turned into a teenager who loves his music and drums (and sleeping) has started his last year of school .

First Day of School Pics 
Janessa, 2nd grade    Andy, 4th grade  
Cameron K (actually his 2nd day cuz kinder started a day early)


 Brennen, first day of high school 9th grade

 and for Dustin, well, he didn't pose for a picture. 

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Veater Family said...

hahaha, you better pin down Dustin and get a picture! It's good for him! He will thank you some day! ha! They all look great!