February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines!

My little Valentines fashion girl...complete with side ponytail, cuz apparently that is cool in her first grade class.

Don't the tights and the red shoes (that were her brother's) just make the outfit?  

The kids were excited for their Valentine's parties at school today.  Well, the elementary and preschool kids.  

Cameron and I went to Albuquerque last Wednesday for another laser treatment.  He did so good.  While we were waiting to go into surgery he did ask if I had any food in my bag.  Poor kid.  But we went to McDonald's afterwards so it was all good.

 And, now that Valentines and Cameron's 3rd laser are over, bring on SPRING!!! we are ready!!

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Justin & Britney said...

I came across your blog one day about a year ago when I was searching for other kids with port wine stains like my sons. I was amazed when I read your story about Cameron! My son Connor is almost 6 and has the same birthmark but on the opposite side of his face. We have been having laser done since 2006 and I am seeing a lot of progress. I showed my son the pictures of Cameron hoping that it would make him know that there is someone else out there just like him. He thought it was really neat. I just wanted to tell you that I am glad you have his story on here for us to see. It's very inspiring.

Britney Reulet