March 9, 2011

Andy's Socks

I just couldn't resist the picture.  There are socks with holes and then there are Andy's socks.
How can he keep wearing it and it doesn't bug him!  You can't see it in the photo but part of the sock (a thread or two) is still around his big toe. 

I do tell him repeatedly to either put his shoes on or take his socks off when he goes outside...but if I am not around or not paying attention then this is what we get.

pick your battles, and this is not a battle worth fighting with him cuz we have plenty others.  However, I may make him buy his own socks next time with his hard earned money.  But he may just choose not to buy or wear socks.  Hooray that summer is on the way and he can wear sandals (or more likely go barefoot).

He may have a ruined sock but he is sitting still reading which is WONDERFUL!!!

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The Berkley's said...

That is too funny!!! I wanted to let you know that we got that package in the mail with the snow pants in it. I LOVE it! They are perfect for the boys and I appreciate you sending them. Thank you for thinking of us!!