January 31, 2011

Goodbye January

It is almost February.  In fact, tomorrow is February.  But I want it to stay January.  'Cause in February I have to take Cameron back to the hospital for his third laser procedure on his face.  The laser is doing wonders as we can already see a difference after only two treatments.  Cameron doesn't seem to mind going to the hospital too much.  In fact he told me that he likes the hospital ok, and who wouldn't cuz everything is about him and he gets to wear funny pajamas, watch movies and eat popsicles, but he said he doesn't like waking up early and not eating. He can't eat because he goes under anesthesia.  And he is asleep before they put the IV in.  so it is not too hard on the kid, but it is hard on the mom.

I know I have been blessed not to have any serious medical issues with my family.  Sixteen years of parenting and up until last year we had one broken arm (not Andy), one set of stitches (not Andy), and one concussion (amazingly still not Andy).  And Janessa was born with a urinary tract problem which did require tests at the hospital every year and nightly antibiotics, but she outgrew it by age 2 1/2.

Then there was 2010.  Not only did we meet our insurance deductible, we also met our yearly out of pocket (none of it maternity).  In March my hubby pretty much shattered his elbow requiring 13 pins and a plate to put it back together and physical therapy to make it work again.  Everything went fine and he healed well.  Brennen got pneumonia in August and luckily didn't require hospitalization, but was a very sick kid for 2 1/2 weeks.  In September Cameron had his first laser procedure, Andy had his tonsils and adenoids out in October, and the day before Thanksgiving another laser for Cameron.  My anxiety level or something went way down after Thanksgiving knowing I was done with hospitals and doctors until February.  Yet, I didn't have too much time to relax because thrown into the usual holiday chaos was a family trip to the Dominican Republic.

I loved January.  And now January is over...

To all you moms out there who deal with medical issues and hospitals on a regular basis, including my sister, you are my heroes!

Cameron posing for some pictures before 2nd laser surgery, Nov 24, 2010

Super patient!
Eating a popsicle after surgery 

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