November 2, 2011

First Field Trip and Halloween Photos

After Cameron started kindergarten he began asking quite often "Do I have a field trip today?"  I am not sure what put the idea of field trips in his head but he was pretty persistant.  Finally, the week before Halloween he got to go on a field trip to the Pumpin Patch at Sutherland Farms.

The kids got to go on a hay ride, a train ride, play in the corn pit, go through the corn maze, milk a pretend wooden cow with rubber udders, look at some animals, and pick out their very own pumpkin to take home.  I got to go to!  As he was waiting in line to get back on the bus Cameron told me "This was so fun!  My field trip was funner than Lego Star Wars!"

So there you have it--life on the farm is funner than a video game.

making a 'corn angel'.  I have never seen anything like this--very fun to play in.

burying a classmate

the corn maze

the train ride


  I wore this costume (the dress) when I played one of Tiger Lily's Indians in the musical Peter Pan in high school.  good memories!  (the dress was a lot shorter on me and it is pinned in the back to fit her) My mom worked hard on that for me! there are beads on all those fringes...

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