November 8, 2011

Beautiful Snow

We woke up to beautiful snow on the ground mixed with fall colors.  And the storm was over so it really is a beautiful sight looking out my window across the park.  However, it made for a challenging morning.

Because snow makes kids excited.  And then Andy decided he needed gloves.  and in the process of finding gloves and he discovered hats and so the others joined him and instead of getting ready for school (combing hair, brushing teeth, backpacks, etc.) they were looking for gloves and hats.

And do you think that this is a harmless activity? Of course not! because that means getting out every hat, gloves, wool socks, all winter things and dumping them all over the laundry room floor.  (thank goodness they didn't think of boots).  And is it easy to get them to clean it up without arguments?  maybe some kids but not mine.  sheesh.

I had decided to drive them to school because I thought I would drop them off and head to the grocery store.  That I would actually be ready to do that.  Yeah right.  but I tried.  Anyway,  running late after cleaning up the mess in the laundry room and finally getting outside (some kids without their lunches and backpacks because snow is so distracting) I realized that I should have been out 10 minutes earlier to warm up the car and clean the snow off the car.  Because it was actually frozen to the windshield so it wouldn't brush off.  and I am short and drive an SUV so it was a bit challenging and frustrating trying to scrape it off.  But finally the defroster kicked in and I was able to drive.

The kids were about 5 minutes late to school.  I don't think they are ever late when Scott walks them to school (or drives them).  And I didn't make it to the grocery store yet.

But the sun is shining and the snow is beautiful!

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