November 10, 2010

Love and Marriage

Scott and I celebrated 18 years of marriage this past weekend.  

Our life together has included . . .

2 Bachelor's degrees (his: accounting,  mine: business education) 

5 children 

4 apartments

4 houses

5 cities (Logan, Salt Lake, West Valley, Brigham City UT, and Farmington NM)

Lots of memories and adventures, up and downs, trials and triumphs, love for the gospel and each other.   

We found out quickly enough that we got married the wrong time of year--the winding down of volleyball season. because I am such a volleyball nut.  Whether I was coaching and it was state tournament (way back in my 'other' life), or whether I was/am playing for city leagues or church, or we were both playing church co-ed, there always seems to be some type of volleyball during the first weekend of November!  So appropriately, we watched the high school district title volleyball game together Saturday night as part of our long date that involved the whole afternoon and evening.  I guess he knew marrying me included volleyball...

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The Berkley's said...

YA!! Congrats! i just love you guys and I totally get the volleyball thing. I have been crazy busy with it! But it is fun! Glad you guys are doing great and glad I can be related to you!