September 23, 2010

A Story About Bread, sort of

It's funny how things seemingly unrelated affect each other, or somehow become intertwined.  Like an episode of Seinfeld.  (you know, by the end of the show all the little story lines seemed to come together...)

A few days ago the window on the driver's side of the van got stuck in the open position--all the way down. Little did I know it was going to hinder breakfast this morning.

We have a one car garage that is filled with bikes, motorbikes, and all kinds of stuff besides a car.  My honey decided to make room for the van in the garage until the window gets fixed.  For safety and keeping the rain out. And it did rain last night.

This morning I decided to make french toast for breakfast.  But halfway through I realize that I will need more bread which is in the freezer in the garage.  I manage my way through the laundry room, which is piled with stuff from the garage, without falling and get to the garage door.  I realize however after I open the door there is no way to get the freezer open with the van there.  Scott notices what I am doing and inquires.  He said he will move the van.  He did but I still couldn't open the freezer because one of the motorcycles was barely in the way and not worth the effort.

He inquires again if I got the bread.  I say no but don't explain.  He said "I made the effort to move the van so I will get the bread."  He came back in a few minutes laughing.  I am very grateful he was laughing.  He said "There is no bread in the freezer!"

I told the kids who hadn't had french toast yet to have frozen waffles. (which of course was okay with J because she doesn't like french toast anyway).

Let me ask you, how many of your husbands would have been laughing?  I can just imagine some saying something like "All that and there isn't even bread in the freezer?"  Why can't you keep it stocked up?  How can we run out of bread?  It is the main staple for our kids and some of them will be malnourished without their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."  I have a great husband who has a great sense of humor and can see the funny in situations instead of always getting upset.  And he picked a great day to roll with the punches because I didn't wake up in a "Ready For a Brand New Day!" mood.  I love him.

For the record, I haven't run out of bread for a long time.  butter, eggs, bananas, yogurt, peanut butter, yes-- but not bread.


Veater Family said...

Hahaha, I see that as a true test to see how strong we can hold back before we BLOW!!

tonya said...

Good guy! We are always running out of bread and my kids eat cold cereal for bkfast, so you still got me beat!