September 8, 2010

Lots Happening

One of these days I want to get back to posting regularly.  And not just family updates, but for now...

After 5 doctors' appointments, 3 x-rays, 2 different antibiotics and 11 days of missed school, Brennen is all better.  Anxious mommy here for a while, but really no need to have been. And like the doctor said, he was lucky to have stayed out of the hospital.

I am headed to New York!  To the Village of Palmyra.  My parents are there on a mission and my sisters and I going for a visit.  So amazing hubby and the kids will be on their own


for Dustin who is getting on a Greyhound bus and heading to Brigham City for Peach Days to hang out with his buddies he left behind when we moved.  Ah, to be a teenager again and live for the social scene and not much else.  Well actually I would never want to be a teenager again and I am not really thrilled that he chose to miss two soccer games and spend his money on a bus ticket so he could go 'hang out' and really do nothing.  But of course I live for sports and not much could have pulled me away from games when I was in high school (yet my kids just didn't inherit my competitiveness) and my husband reminded me that I am sometimes too frugal with my money.  different strokes for different folks.

We had a great time camping in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  We tried to hike a trail that we used to hike when I was a kid that went to a waterfall.  I think the last time I did it was at least 10 years ago.  I got my family together and two of my nephews and discovered that the trail sort of disappeared.  It was great at first but then it split to go up and we were supposed to stay down near the river and there wasn't really a trail anymore so we had rough terrain until we got back to the river.  Long story, but the river has changed over the years and we never made it to the waterfall.  Just played in the river and climbed on the HUGE rocks.  It was still fun, but the moral of the story is scout it out before you are the leader of a hike that you haven't been on for many many years.  I have pictures of the big rocks.

And back to my trip...I was getting Sunday clothes ready for the kids before I leave.  I did most ALL the laundry in the house which is a great accomplishment.  Anyway, I open Janessa's drawer to look for some white lacey socks and what I find a bunch of dirty church socks in her drawer.  Some aren't that dirty depending on how soon she took them off after church, but still.  How many times has she worn them to church without them being washed?  Of course I should be proud that she put them away and they weren't under her bed.  I am sure nobody will notice that her socks are a little dingy on Sunday.  Because apparently I haven't noticed it, or that her socks haven't been coming through the wash.

Sadly, I am leaving a sick child.  Andy has missed school all week because of a sinus infection.  He has been on antibiotics for two days but hasn't improved yet.  I am sure he will be just fine and the meds will start kicking in tomorrow.  Overall, he is probably my healthiest child.  He rarely gets sick.  We all get the stomach bug, and it will miss him.  When the kids pass a cold around, he doesn't usually get it.  However, when he was a baby he was sick all the time for about the first two years of his life.  His immunity wasn't great, but now it is built up wonderfully and most of the time he is as healthy as a horse.  I think it might be because the germs can't keep up with him.

And now, most wonderful news!  We have a backyard!! A beautiful wood fence and grass.  We laid the sod the week before Labor Day.

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Veater Family said...

I want to see pics of the fence and yard! :) So fun to hear about all of your families activities!! :)