July 6, 2010

One Sunday Morning . . .

Getting ready for church one Sunday --

Andy comes out of his room with his shirt on inside out.  I don't know how he got it buttoned.  I un-buttoned and it, turned it the right way and in the process of buttoning it again and tucking it in his pants, I realized he did not have underwear on.  I sent him to his room to get some on.  Scott is coming down the hall with Andy's shoes and socks ready to help him get them on.  I mention Andy needs to put on underwear, so he goes in with Andy. 

Meantime I am in the bathroom combing Janessa's hair and I hear Scott say "I am going to get a lot of blessings in heaven for helping you so much."  Of course Andy wants to know what blessings in heaven are so Scott gives an explantion of immediate rewards and rewards and blessings you don't see right away.

Later, as we are getting out of the van at church, I notice Andy has red all around his mouth.  He apparently had been eating strawberries.  And there is a bit on his clothes too.  Hmmm. 

Sunday mornings. 

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tonya said...

glad it's not just us. The lesson in ss I was teaching: anger is bad. So I can't find my shoes. Or a white shirt for Tate-even a dirty one. My shoes were where they were supposed to be, but under a ton of coats because the rack by the back door came off the wall. and lots of other annoying things. sigh.