July 14, 2010


I love the Colorado Mountains.  I grew up camping in them.  It is so great to be back close to them again. 

A few weeks ago we headed north for an hour to Colorado up La Plata Canyon for the day.  We played in the La Plata River, ate lunch, hiked a little bit, and played in the water some more. 

There was a little spring coming out of the ground near the campground that ran down the hill a little bit in a stream and then kind of spread out just soaked up in the ground in a mud hole.  Brennen decided to make the path for the water more defined, and cleaned out the leaves and sticks to make the water run faster.  Basically building a longer stream.  I was playing in the water and mud helping him, because it is fun and relaxing. We made the little 'river' about 10 feet longer. Cameron wanted me for something and I said "Just a minute.  I like playing in the mud".  He replied: "Pigs like to play in mud!"

Andy and Janessa brought their goggles.  (I guess they haven't played in a river enough to know that you don't need goggles).  Andy would put his face in the water to look for fish with his googles.  It was too funny.

Cameron is at an age where everything new is fun.  He wanted to go on a hike.  So he and I set off on a little trail by the campground, went maybe 200 yards, then he happily turned around and started back.  That was such a great hike to him!  He was happy and proud.

It was fun watching my kids have fun.  Throwing rocks into the river, moving rocks around to build 'dams', splashing each other with rocks, wading in the cold water.  Building little streams. 

Scott took a few pictures on his phone, but of course I did not bring a camera.

It is times like these that make all the other days worth it.

The following are pictures I took with my phone (so they aren' that great) last Labor Weekend when we were camping near Pagosa Springs by the Piedra River.  Colorado is just beautiful.


emily and Nate said...

LOVE days like that! Colorado is my happy place.

JB said...

Making me homesick.

Corey Richardson said...

Great pictures!