November 23, 2013

A Pretty Cake

I have to post a picture of one of my best cakes! and simplest.

My baby girl turned 10!  She wanted a Furby cake.  or maybe Hunger Games (she was Katniss for Halloween).  I still want her to like ponies and princesses.  But she is growing up!

I had considered a Furby cake but seemed too hard for my state of mind.  When Brennen was 2 I made a carousel cake for him and Janessa had seen it in a photo album once and said she wanted a cake like that sometime.  So I decided sometime would be this year!

Instead of  Furby she came home from school to ponies and ribbons.  but she loved it and so did I!  I got to hold on to my little girl a little bit longer.

(And I have decided in the day and a half since she got a Furby toy for her birthday that it is the most annoying toy ever invented).

FYI: cake was made with piece of scrapbook paper cut into a circle with a cut on one side in order to fold it like a cone, curling ribbon, straws, animal cookies (held on straws by frosting).  and some pearly decorations.

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