January 15, 2013

Nap Time?

We were supposed to be getting carpet installed today.  In the living room, hallway, and 4 bedrooms. However, we found out yesterday that it is back-ordered.  Which I suppose is okay but I wonder if the store was going to call and tell me that.  I called yesterday morning to ask some questions and that is when I learned that it won't be installed until next week.

So I didn't have to work quite as hard yesterday.  And today I think I am going to take a nap.  I already took one kid to the doctor, talked to a banker about a refinance (and you know how salesmen talk), made an appointment for the oral surgeon for my teenage son, made a grocery list, and texted a few times.  Isn't that enough to earn a morning nap?  Especially when it is minus 5 degrees outside?

Also--a very happy 'achievement' at our house, though its kind a 'secret' thing--My son has had FIVE dry nights in a row!  hooray hooray hooray.  (cuz he is almost 11, hence the reason he has been seeing the doc)

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