October 7, 2011

New Kitchen


missing pieces...a hole in the counter where a cook top stove had been.  we covered it with a board and taped it on.  the other hole is where a trash compactor had been we think.

broken drawers...(our silverware was in a basket on the counter since it was too heavy for the broken drawers)
missing drawers...


pantry size cupboard!  yay! we will now store less food in the office

new microwave and cupboards above range (which previously had no cupboards above it, or to the side of it)

This was a solid wall (with a doorway) between the dining room and kitchen.  We cut a hole and added a bar and desk area.


The Berkley's said...

That looks awesome!! We were wondering how it all went. I looks great, good job. I bet to is much easier to open and close some of those drawers, and being able to put your silverware somewhere!! Love you guys!

tonya said...

yay for you! I am glad you have a functioning kitchen! and as a bonus, it looks fab!

Tori said...

I love it, and I know that you love it. Congratulations it looks great.