October 8, 2010

The Collection

What do little boys do at their big brother's soccer game?  Collect things.  There are all kinds of cool things in and around the high school bleachers collect.  Lids from water bottles and Gatorade, pop can tabs, broken balloons, pieces of metal, zip ties, feathers, candy wrappers, ticket stubs, pens and pencils...

Andy's collection

Andy had a great time at the game last night.  Janessa and Cameron followed his lead but soon found other things to do so their collections were pretty meager.

By the way, Dustin won his game.  It was great weather, and we also got a lightening show out east (far enough away from the game) and a beautiful sunset.  Fall is awesome! 

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tonya said...

this comment has to address several posts: wow, cam is soo big! can't believe it! Janessa's glam pics are so cute, and yes, old food grosses me out so bad. I've been too sick to make comments. I'm all better now and I think Andy's commitment to his collection shows a lot of concentration and stick-to-it-ness!